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  • Creating Change and Building Capacity 

  • Investing in Culture and Effective Calls to Action

  • Building Stronger Relationships

  • Meaningful Public Engagement

  • Kickstarting Innovation and What's Next



The butterfly effect of global transformation starts with organizations such as yours, and SoChange is here to help.


By accumulating resources, building donor relationships, putting people over products and engaging and educating the public about important social justice issues, we're working with our partners to make a difference.

The future looks brighter with SoChange.

  • Creating and collaborating with over 60+ organizations

  • Raised over 3 million dollars globally

  • Directing and designing projects in over 45 countries

  • Inclusive, affirming and cross culturally sensitive

  • Focusing on similarity thorugh difference

  • Reached and engaged over 200,000 people face to face

  • Millions of podcast listens and digital impressions on various platforms


“I have so much regard for what you're doing.”


Dave Toycen, President of World Vision Canada

"You were awesome! David left me asking more questions and thinking so much broader than before. I want more people to be infectiously charged by his passion, drive and purpose of changing the world for the better."  

Grace Attard, Entrepreneur – Founder and director of E-Spot

How Can we Help?

Connect with us to book a session to determine what's next for you, your charity or your company.


Real Change Is Incremental

Real Change is Incremental is a broad-ranging collection of essays by a writer with broad-ranging interests,

including magic, philosophy, poetry, comedy, and international development. An exploration of change and

ideas through a series of reflections on knowledge, experience, and how we see the world, it urges intellectual

humility, being open to the ideas of others, and meeting the challenge of taking practical action together to

change the world moment-by-moment, day-by-day, and generation-by-generation.


Real Change Is Incremental is an eloquent plea for all of us citizens of the world to admit what we do not know and sincerely search for truth in what other people may not know that they know.


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